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Liam Doran

LD Motorsports

Citroen DS3 Citroen DS3

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Liam Doran @LiamDoran3
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  • 2014: 1 start, best finish 4th, 1 heat win, ineligible for points (Supercars)
  • 2013: 5 starts, 1 win, 2 podiums, 3 heat wins, 59 points, 9th overall (Supercars)
  • 2012: 4 starts, best finish 5th, 30 points, 15th overall (Supercars)
  • 2011: 4 starts, 1 win, 1 heat win, 46 points, 11th overall (Supercars)
  • CAREER: 14 starts, 2 wins, 3 podiums, 4 heat wins, 135 points (Supercars)


In 2011, Liam Doran shocked the world with an X Games gold medal in his very first attempt. Two years later, he backed it up with gold and silver on back-to-back days at X Games Munich—giving his Prodrive-built MINI two podium finishes in its first two starts.

His reputation firmly established as a world-beater on the largest stage, Doran will return to Red Bull Global Rallycross in 2014 to attempt to conquer X Games Austin, this time exclusively in vehicles built by his own team. For the “British Bomb,” it’ll be another opportunity to earn his third gold medal, putting him in rarefied air alongside two-time GRC champion Tanner Foust.

The 2013 season represented ups and downs for Doran, who made four of his five appearances in X Games events. After earning the fastest seed in a Citroen in Brazil, a pair of accidents in his heat race and the last chance qualifier ruined any dreams of gold there; a first-lap accident with Ken Block and Brian Deegan did the same in Los Angeles.

The good news: with an average seed of 3.8 last year, Doran has proved time and time again that he’s one of GRC’s fastest drivers. Great seeding results provide opportunities to escape trouble, so if Doran can keep that up in 2014, don’t be surprised if there’s more hardware in his future.