2012 Championship Standings

Pos.DriverCharlotteTexasX GamesNew HampshireLas VegasSEMADropTotal
1Tanner Foust17217111131201202-1194
2Brian Deegan1115115151171171-184
3Samuel Hubinette1211018117513-563
4Rhys Millen11131301115063
5Ken Block29171210172-258
6Stephan Verdier151158126-552
7Marcus Gronholm202201000043
8David Binks101210193-342
9Sverre Isachsen57714155-440
10Travis Pastrana91212017-239
11Andy Scott1386110038
12Dave Mirra8527411-235
13Bucky Lasek6346910-335
14Toomas Heikkenen710001312033
15Liam Doran5121003030
16Patrick Moro340564022
17Sebastian Loeb20100021
18Bryce Menzies39012
19David Higgins90009
20Timur Timerzyanov819
21Andreas Eriksson808
22Richard Burton0003205
23Tim Rooney4000004
24Filipe Albuquerque100001
24Jimmy Keeney0000000

PosManufacturerCharlotteTexasX GamesNew HampshireLas VegasSEMATotal

Discount Tire - America’s Tire Cup Standings
PosDriverTexasNew HampshireLas VegasTotal
1Tanner Foust17113120153
2Brian Deegan15115117150
3Samuel Hubinette10117533
3Ken Block9121132
4Stephan Verdier1181231
5Travis Pastrana2201730
6Sverre Isachsen741526
7David Binks129324
8Rhys Millen131124
9Marcus Gronholm20121
10Andy Scott81119
11Bucky Lasek36918
12Dave Mirra57416
13Liam Doran51015
14Patrick Moro45615
15Toomas Heikkenen01313
16Andreas Erikkson88
17Richard Burton0325
18Filipe Albuquerque11
19Jimmy Keeney00
20Tim Rooney00

* Designates bonus point awarded for a Heat Race win. Bonus point is not awarded for a LCQ or Final win.
**Subject to GRC Sporting Regulation 2.9.11 which states, “Following Race 5 of the 2012 GRC, each driver, shall drop from their
overall point tally their lowest point scoring finish and the championship standing table shall be re-computed.” Bonus points are not counted as part of finishing points; therefore, bonus points are not affected.