Olsbergs MSE signs Toomas Heikkinen for Global RallyCross Championship

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden – March 2, 2012 – Andreas Eriksson and Olsbergs Motor Sport Evolution boasted an all star driver line up for the inaugural 2011Global RallyCross championship. Any line-up that starts with two-time world champion Marcus Gronholm, 2011 GRC champ Tanner Foust and X Games 17 champ Brian Deegan is formidable. So with an eye to the future and to deepen the
talent pool for the team, Olsbergs MSE announced today that it has signed 20-year-old Finish RallyCross champion Toomas Heikkinen to drive an OMSE prepared Ford Fiesta this season.

“I am really happy and proud that Toomas will drive with us in an Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta for the 2012 GRC season,” said Eriksson. “He has his choice of opportunities, but he sees the dedication of our team and Ford to this program, and the commitment to win
championships. Toomas is one of the best young RallyCross drivers in the world and he has proved that over the last several seasons. I have personally raced against him several times and know exactly how tough he is.”

Toomas will be one of the youngest drivers racing in the GRC this season as he turns 21 in March, but his experience surpasses his young age. Heikkinen has a successful racing record already finishing sixth overall in his debut season racing in the European RallyCross series in 2011 and winning the Finish RallyCross Championship in 2010.

“I see the future of Rallycross in the U.S. and I’m looking forward to being part of a great show. In the last two years, I have built my rallycross career as professionally as I could. Now I’m ready to fight for the glory with superstars. I’ve followed X Games since I was a kid, so it is my dream come true to join in,” said Heikkinen.

Heikkinen is no stranger to U.S. competition. In 2010 he ran two rounds of the U.S. RallyCross Championship exhibition events in New Jersey finishing first and second in the two-day event.

“Don’t underestimate Toomas,” said Eriksson. “It is easy to focus on the champions we have at Olsbergs, but Toomas is capable of winning now in the GRC. He will benefit from the additional seat time that will come as serving as our test driver. For a young driver nothing is more valuable than seat time and I expect that we will see him make rapid progress over the course of the season.”

Not only has Heikkinen received attention from OMSE for his racing potential, but he’s also caught the eye of Bluebeam Software President and CEO, Richard Lee. Bluebeam will be joining Topicross and Akzo Nobel as Heikkinen’s newest sponsor.

“Bluebeam, Olsberg MSE and Ford Racing share the same philosophy of no limits,” said Lee. “We believe there are no limits to what our customers can achieve with our PDF collaboration software and we believe there are no limits to what Topi can achieve behind the wheel. We are looking forward to his success in a career that is truly undefined.”

The anticipated field of drivers in this year’s GRC series looks to be a who’s who of RallyCross. Last week Best Buy announced a two car OMSE program with Marcus Gronholm and British RallyCross runner-up David Binks. The addition of established drivers from around the world will just elevate the level of competition. For Heikkinen, a Finland native, that is a welcome challenge.

“Of course I know Marcus’ career quite well, as does everybody in Finland. He is one of the greatest in rallying. Ken Block is a guy I´ve followed in his videos. I look forward to competing with him and seeing his skills on the rallycross track!”

Better-known in RallyCross as “Topi”, Heikkinen’s success hasn’t been limited to trackside wins. He has also built a successful brand around his nickname.

“Topicross has been my brand in rallycross since day one. I feel the brand is a great way to advertise for me and my fans, with apparel. Topicross brings us a closer connection with fans. It is a success in Europe and hopefully will be even bigger in the U.S.”

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