About Rally Cross

Action Sports — With a Roll Cage
The Global RallyCross Championship combines the best aspects of circuit racing, off-road racing and rally competition to deliver intense action in a variety of fan-friendly environments. Action sport stars including Travis Pastrana and Brian Deegan have described the sport as “motocross – with a roll cage.”

This made-in-the USA variation on the established European sport of rallycross pits small production-based cars against each other for door-to-door racing featuring dirt, asphalt, and a 70′ gap jump. Drivers progress through a series of timed heats to a final race, where winner takes all. Multiple cars line up to start at once and jostle for the win over a four-lap race. (The final, or A Main race, is a five lap race).

In the heat races, drivers run three laps of one course configuration and must take a longer diversion known as the joker lap once, at their option. Global RallyCross Championship events are the only races in the world featuring an incredible 70′ gap jump on the joker lap, adding a component of excitement and risk to a key strategic racing element. The strategy for the joker lap is a critical element to the sport: a little bit like a NASCAR pit stop, every competitor has to take it — the question is when.

Sport History
The sport debuted in the US at X Games 16 in Los Angeles in 2010, to great success, prompting Global RallyCross Management to organize and promote a US series in 2011. Global RallyCross Management also manages invitations and competition for X Games Rally contests. The series is sanctioned by RallyCar, the organization that promotes and organizes off-road rally car racing in the United States. Three demonstration events were held in late 2010.

Originally a made-for-TV sport with its roots in rally (off-road car racing), the first-ever rallycross was held in 1967 at England’s Lydden Circuit. Early competitors included 1968 Rally Monte Carlo winner Vic Elford in a showroom Porsche 911, Brian Melia in his Ford Lotus Cortina and Tony Fall in a BMC Mini Cooper S.

About RallyCross Management
West Hollywood, CA based RallyCross Management is the owner and organizer of the three-round Global RallyCross Championship and manages invitations and competition for X Games rally events. Working with ESPN, the company will bring the excitement of rallycross racing to millions of households in over 170 countries.