Action Sports — With a Roll Cage
The Global Rallycross Championship is a combo of circuit racing, off-road racing and rally competition, showcasing today’s fastest cars driven by some of the best athletes in the world. Action sport superstars Travis Pastrana and Brian Deegan have described it as “motocross…with a roll cage.”

GRC is door-to-door racing featuring dirt, asphalt, drift-inspired turns and 70’ gap jumps. Courses are custom-designed at each venue and drivers progress through a series of timed heats to a final race.  The short, multi-lap races require a “joker lap” with a diversion (like a jump) that typically adds time to the regular lap and factors into a team’s race strategy.

Live Events & Broadcast
All 2013 GRC events will be broadcast on ESPN. Live events feature driver autograph sessions, fan activities and paddock access that gets you up close to the cars and stars of GRC.

GRC can design and build elite race courses to fit in an urban environment, encompass a large outdoor stadium, or utilize the front stretch and road course at a permanent speedway.

Originally a made-for-TV sport with its roots in rally (off-road car racing), the first-ever “rallycross” was held in 1967 at England’s Lydden Circuit. Early competitors included 1968 Rally Monte Carlo winner Vic Elford in a showroom Porsche 911, Brian Melia in his Ford Lotus Cortina and Tony Fall in a BMC Mini Cooper S.

Global Rallycross debuted in 2010 at the X Games in Los Angeles in 2010 and held additional demonstration events that year.  With an overwhelming response from the fans, founders formally organized and promoted a US series in 2011 and 2012. As the sport continues to expand, manufacturers, teams and drivers are signing on for season-long competition in 2013 and beyond. This includes participation in Global X Games events in Brazil, Spain and Germany.

2013 will also include the debut of the GRC Lites division, designed as a training ground for young drivers working towards GRC Supercars, or for experienced drivers who may currently be racing in another series.

Global Rallycross manages invitations and competition for X Games races and independent GRC events for the Supercar division and Supercar Lites division. The series is sanctioned by RallyCar, the organization that promotes and organizes off-road rally car racing in the United States.  GRC is headquartered in West Hollywood, CA.