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GRC Lites Race Recap: New Hampshire Motor Speedway

July 12, 2013

IN BRIEF: After a hard-fought battle, Joni Wiman defeated Sebastian Eriksson for the victory in the first-ever GRC Lites race, held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

HEAT RECAPS: The two heat races were won by Sebastian Eriksson and Wiman, respectively, with Kevin Eriksson and Mitchell deJong also advancing directly to the final. Alexander Westlund won a rough-and-tumble main event, as Austin Dyne managed to avoid Harry Cheung’s accident in the chicane

MAIN EVENT RECAP: Six cars started the first-ever GRC Lites final, which took place between the Supercar LCQ and main event. Sebastian Eriksson took the lead initially over Joni Wiman, leaving the rest of the field to fight for third place.

Wiman shadowed Sebastian Eriksson for the first three laps of the ten-lap event, taking the joker on the fourth lap. Eriksson would take the joker lap soon thereafter, as Wiman caught up and made what would be the winning pass.

Sebastian Eriksson would continue to challenge, but Wiman would hold him off for the first victory in GRC Lites history. Kevin Eriksson, son of GRC Lites mastermind Andreas Eriksson, finished third after making a gutsy pass in the outside groove on the dirt section.

RESULTS: The results of today’s Sylvania Silverstar zXe Global Rallycross at New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

  1. Joni Wiman, #93
  2. Sebastian Eriksson, #37
  3. Kevin Eriksson, #39
  4. Mitchell deJong, #24
  5. Alexander Westlund, #55
  6. Austin Dyne, #99
  7. Halid Avdagic, #4
  8. Geoffrey Sykes, #65
  9. Harry Cheung, #88


  1. Joni Wiman, 21
  2. Sebastian Eriksson, 18
  3. Kevin Eriksson, 15
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