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Lites Drivers Aim to Defeat Wiman in Las Vegas

September 30, 2013

What will it take to knock Joni Wiman off of the top spot on the GRC Lites podium?

Wiman’s performance in the inaugural season of Global Rallycross’ development class has been nothing short of phenomenal. He’s won all five finals and only missed one heat win all season. Of the 15 podium finishes split by seven drivers so far this season, Wiman and Sebastian Eriksson have taken nine.

With only one race left on the schedule, time has run out for most of the field to take a race victory this year, and there’s a good chance that everybody but Wiman will end the season winless. But with the target placed firmly on the #93 car’s rear bumper, who stands the best chance at ending Wiman’s impressive winning streak?

The aforementioned Sebastian Eriksson may be the best bet. He’s the only driver besides Wiman to have at least four podiums, and currently holds second in GRC Lites points. His most impressive performance may have come in the series’ last race at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, when he overcame the last starting spot in the final to earn his third consecutive third place finish.

But behind him, Mitchell deJong and Kevin Eriksson, Wiman’s Set Promotion teammate, also stand a chance at snapping the winning streak. Both drivers earned heat victories in Charlotte, with Eriksson leading part of the final before suffering a flat tire. Meanwhile, deJong earned a silver medal at X Games Los Angeles and proved that he could take down Sebastian Eriksson in a one-on-one battle in Atlanta.

That being said, Wiman will be as tough as ever in Las Vegas. Now that he’s locked up the inaugural GRC Lites championship, he’s racing only for pride and the chance at a perfect season. Five races were the limit for Toomas Heikkinen’s winning streak in Supercars, as bad luck finally caught up to him in Charlotte, but Wiman is determined to top his Finnish compatriot under the bright Vegas lights.

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

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