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GRC Personalities // Patrik Sandell: End of the Season is Near!

October 14, 2013

I love and hate this part of the year—the end of the season is almost up and all kinds of rumors start forming. What will he drive next year, what car, what sponsors? Everyone wants to know, everyone is curious and us drivers want to get the best possible set-up for the up coming season.

I am very happy in the USA and in Global Rallycross. My first year in the series has been incredibly fulfilling but tougher than I thought. Driving alone on the track itself has never been a problem but when it comes to the heats, the starts are challenging, and during the year I have learned how to play this game the hard way. However, I am happy with what I have done and feel that I’m growing as a rallycross driver after each race. This year, just one race remains, a race I have been looking forward to the entire season.

It was during this race last year that I first came into contact with the sport in USA. I drove a rally in China the weekend before the race and flew directly from there to Las Vegas, with a total difference of 13 hours in time. During the first days in Las Vegas I can promise you that I was both a little giddy and tired.

What I experienced in Las Vegas last year convinced me that rallycross in the United States is the future. One year later I have a soon to be finished first season here. It’s been an awesome year and it’s fantastic to see how the sport has developed along this season. I look forward with confidence to the future and what it will bring. But first I will give it all at the final event in Las Vegas, early November.

Hope to see you there / SANDELL # 18
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