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GRC Personalities // Patrik Sandell: Munich Here We Come!

June 21, 2013

Munich is only one week away and I’m beyond excited. The fact that it will be two X Games races is awesome and very good for us now when we want to make the sport and X Games even bigger. The track looks really exciting, starting with a long straight and a pretty fast first left corner, where it should be possible to drive two cars next to each other. After that it’s a short straight into a sharp left turn where you have to be on the inside to get out alive. Then we go on to the mud and I will try to keep it clean. To sum it up, it’s a great course! I’m really pumped to race there.

The feeling I have now when I just finished a long Mountainbike ride and is planning todays gocart training, is really good. I feel that I have adapted to rallycross rather quick and I’m starting to understand how to get the most out of the car.

A couple of weeks ago we drove with the Supercars in Stockholm during the Swedish Touring Car Championship.

The course was built on a racetrack for horses and it was close to 20.000 people there. When we drove, everyone stood up and wondered what happened. Imagine you had been looking on racing cars the whole day with no sliding at all..! We started 4 cars next to each other and passed each other in every corner. And all drivers made the deal before the start that we should see all corners through the side window.. We gave them a great show and I won both races!

Today, Friday, we celebrate midsummer here in Sweden. We will dance around a pole with flowers, we will also have flowers in our hair and sing songs with a “snaps” in our hands!

Wir sehen uns in Munich, SANDELL #18

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