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GRC Personalities // Patrik Sandell: The Speed Is There…

July 8, 2013

X Games in Munich had its ups and downs. The good thing is that I feel very confident that I’ve got the speed to fight for the top positions. The bad thing is that there were too many bad crashes in the first corner.

On Saturday we had to face the rain. The OMSE team provided my Ford Fiesta ST with a great setup for the wet and I could qualify to the final after finishing 2nd in my heat after Tanner Foust.

In the final I got a good start and during the first lap I advanced to third position, when the heat was red flagged. In the second attempt I again had a good start, but in the first corner I got so badly hit that I spun a 720 and broke a steering arm. Over and out for that day. I remember sitting in the car and being very upset.

On Sunday I were fastest on the practice and set the third time on the qualification. During the first heat I struggled with a electrical problem, which caused a loss of power and I ended 3rd. This meant I had to drive LCQ to try and reach the final. During LCQ I, again, had a good start and took the lead. After some laps they red flagged the heat, due to a car that was standing in a bad position on the track. In the re-start I got so badly hit, that the front corner of my car was completely wrecked. For the second day in a row it was over and out in the first corner.

To summarize X Games Munich – forget the race, remember the experience. I know that the speed is there and I feel confident in the car, but I need to figure out what to do to avoid being crashed out in the first corner…

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