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GRC Personalities // Anton Marklund: The Road To Munich

June 14, 2013

As well as having the invitation to race in X Games, I’m also competing in the FIA European RallycrossRX Championship, so, since Barcelona, the team has travelled to Hungary, Finland and now this weekend we are in Norway. The season so far has gone well, we are really improving in every race, learning a lot about the car, the tracks and the competition. We are currently 5th in the total standings so are extremely pleased with that.

Right now we are prepping the car, ready for the first heats, tomorrow, in Norway. I’m hoping to improve on the result from Finland and make it into the final this time around. The entire championship we have been really consistent, scoring points and staying strong at the top of the overall table, hopefully this weekend we can climb even higher.


Then, after Norway we’ll have just over a week before we head to Munich to get the cars ready and do some testing before the X Games weekend. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Munich X Games has to offer, we’ll be competing in two races to make up for the cancelled event in Barcelona so it will be pretty full on. The fans have been fantastic the whole season so far and it’s a great experience to perform on such a big international stage. I’ve got my fingers crossed for good weather and a fun race!

See you in Munich!

Photo credits: Johnny Loix (1); QBA/ (2)

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