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Drivers Prepare For Busiest Segment of Global Rallycross Season

July 11, 2013

Thursday’s Global Rallycross race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway is the first of six American-based races on this year’s schedule. But it’s also the first of four races in the next five weeks, comprising the most action-packed section of the 2013 season.

After racing at New Hampshire, drivers will compete in the inaugural event at Bristol Motor Speedway on July 20, followed by X Games Los Angeles on August 4 and another first-time race at Atlanta Motor Speedway on August 10.

That means that drivers like Patrik Sandell, who have been competing in numerous other events during GRC off weeks, will be well prepared for a greater workload.

“I feel super confident,” Sandell said, after racing in his native Sweden last weekend. “I was racing the full weekend, and I’ve been racing almost every day since Munich, it feels like. From Munich, we went home Monday and Tuesday, got back in the car and tested on Wednesday, had media day on Thursday, free on Friday, and raced Saturday and Sunday.

“I’m confident with the car, and confident with the team. I just need to go out there and enjoy it, and I think we can have a great result here. The only thing I need to figure out is how to stay out of trouble in the first corner.”

Two-time defending Global Rallycross champion Tanner Foust is himself a veteran of busy schedules. After competing in multiple rallycross championships last season, he has a level of insight on maintaining success during a busy schedule that few of his competitors can match.

“We have so many cars on our team, and so many races, that you’re really carrying the same car event to event,” Foust explained. “So it’s going to be important to look after your machine, and remember the things that you wanted to adjust, keep track of, or change, from one event to the next—to keep diligent notes on that so you’re not relearning the car every single event.”

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

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