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GRC Lites Season Review: Harry Cheung

December 12, 2013

His most famous public achievements may have come as one of the first employees of tech giant Google, but Harry Cheung brought a solid racing pedigree into the inaugural GRC Lites season. Having finished sixth in the previous season’s Ferrari Challenge standings, Cheung’s road racing skills were as good as those of any driver in the series.

After competing in five of six races (he was unable to compete in the season finale at Las Vegas), Cheung walked out of the 2013 season eighth in Lites points. Much of the season was spent adapting to a new discipline of racing, with a few bright spots.


The first two races of the season were a struggle as Cheung acclimated himself to the car and attempted to balance aggression and patience. He appeared to be ready to advance to the first final in New Hampshire before hitting the tire wall that comprised the chicane and falling out. Bristol wasn’t as bad, but third place in the last chance qualifier still didn’t get him into the main event.

Finally, at the sport’s marquee event at X Games Los Angeles, Cheung cracked the main event. He finished eighth in the eight-car final, but it was a sign of progress.


The greatest proof of Cheung’s development over the course of the season came in his final run of the year at Charlotte. His #88 car actually ended up on its roof in practice, after hitting a curb at the wrong angle into a hard right turn. But he persevered, and when all was said and done, he earned a season-best sixth place finish.

After a full year of on-track experience, Cheung should be a different driver in GRC Lites next season. His rallycross skills have developed to the point where he should have a chance to make it to more main events in 2014.

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish (1, 3); QBA/ (2)

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