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GRC Lites Season Review: Halid Avdagic

December 17, 2013

The Turkish-based Avitas Motorsport outfit played an integral part in the development of the GRC Lites concept, working hand in hand with OlsbergsMSE to perfect the 300-horsepower rallycross machine. Helpful in that process was the fact that Halid Avdagic, Avitas’ Business Unit Director, is a racer himself, having competed in numerous stage rallies across the globe.

Avdagic continued his competitive career by stepping into the GRC Lites car and competing in the first three races of its inaugural season. He finished ninth in the championship in his limited schedule with one main event appearance.


In New Hampshire and Bristol, Avdagic was unable to make it out of the last chance qualifier. The latter event saw his car heavily damaged by contact with a Bristol barrier, leaving him eighth in points through the season’s first two events.

Finally, at X Games Los Angeles, Avdagic made it to the expanded eight-car final. He would earn a seventh place finish there, tied with New Hampshire for his best run in the season. But a week later in Atlanta, he gave up his seat to newcomer Tyler Benson, and did not return for the rest of the season.


Avdagic didn’t fit the driver profile of most of his competitors, who were usually younger drivers looking to move up to Supercars someday. But by representing Avitas in the first few races as the series got off the ground, he proved himself a capable driver and his company’s work to be a durable piece of equipment.

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

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