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GRC Personalities // Patrik Sandell: A FlatOut Offseason!

March 12, 2014

Winter in Northern Sweden can be brutally dark, but the last few winters I have created something really unique. December and January only offers 4-5 hours of daylight each day, so there’s not much time to work with, but we are driving flat out those hours on ice tracks and rally stages.

The last few years I have organized a multitude of driver training courses based out of Kall Auto Lodge, just next to Sweden’s largest Ski Resort at Åre Mountain. Kall is a truly unique experience. The adrenaline rush offered by my driving courses blends well with the silence and seclusion of Kall Auto Lodge. With help by the legendary Colin McRae, Kall was founded in 2006 as a premier resort with a racing theme.


New this season I’ve added a drivers school with GRC Lites Series cars. Olsbergs MSE has built a beast of a machine for the mixed tarmac and gravel tracks of the GRC Circuit. These cars are truly amazing on snow and ice here in Northern Sweden as well. The balance of the car is perfect and with 300hp you must keep your momentum up which is the perfect car for training and retaining proper skills to drive any race car.

This winter I have had a number of clients come to drive at my FlatOut Rallycross school and it puts a smile on my face to see the progress of each one of them. To share the skills I’ve gained thru out the years with others is a great experience for both parties. I’ve found there are so many others with the same passion for rally, and to spend time connecting and sharing my knowledge with them is always fun!


Spending the off season discussing techniques and driving styles with my clients has given me a competitive edge as well. Both parties have something to learn and I can’t think of a better way to spend my off season then behind the wheel of these cars. A lot of driving clients come for my rally school and decide to stay longer to enjoy the seclusion of Kall Auto Lodge and all its activities. After days of thorough drivers training we’ve found ourselves skiing, dog sledding, driving Arctic Cat Wildcats on my track, or following me thru the back hills on snowmobiles. It’s something I hope everyone gets to experience.

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Photo credit: Mixtape Media Co.

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