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Toomas Heikkinen


Ford Fiesta ST Ford Fiesta ST
Toomas Heikkinen
Ford Fiesta ST
Ford Fiesta ST

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Toomas Heikkinen @Heikkinen57
Äänestä: Kuka on mielestäsi vuoden urheilija? – – Urheilu – Muut lajit – Uutiset


  • 2013: 9 starts, 5 wins, 8 podiums, 9 heat wins, 169 points, 1st overall (Supercars)
  • 2012: 4 starts, best finish 4th, 1 heat win, 33 points, 14th overall (Supercars)
  • CAREER: 13 starts, 5 wins, 8 podiums, 10 heat wins, 202 points (Supercars)


Heikkinen is one of GRC’s youngest drivers, entering the 2013 season at only 22 years old. He made his debut in European rallycross in 2010, the same year he won the Finnish Championship and the final round of the U.S. Rallycross series. After returning from a spectacular accident at X Games in 2012, he will rejoin OlsbergsMSE for the 2013 GRC season.