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GRC Personalities // As Patrik Sandell Sees It: Coming Home

May 9, 2013

I’m home in Sweden after my first Global Rallycross event ever. I’m sitting here with my bronze medal that I won in Brazil and thinking that my life is pretty good, or rather really good!

I have during the last years been keeping an eye on Global Rallycross and X Games and seen how this amazing series grown to what it is today.

So last fall I decided to go to Las Vegas to watch the Global Rallycross final and there I realized it was the right move for me to change from Rally to Rallycross!

At the same time my rally season was coming to an end and we started talking to OMSE about the future.

After another trip to Los Angeles to assist OMSE during the Supercar Lites test all pieces started to fall in place and shortly after the contract for 2013 was signed.

The feeling of driving a Supercar reminds a lot of the cars that I’m used to drive, except one big thing, the POWER!

The feeling to let the car go in the start is just awesome, or place the car sideways before the corner and then press the pedal to the metal…

When I tested the Ford Fiesta ST for the first time it felt like coming home, I like the car and the car likes me. As a driver I don’t need to adjust the whole car to me, I try to adapt to the car and learn how to drive it as fast as I possibly can.

Of course I want to put my feeling to my Ford Fiesta ST as well and that will come with time.

Now I’m going to enjoy my first X Games medal a couple of days before I start to focus on the second race in Global Rallycross in Barcelona.

Hope to see you all there!

If you doubt, flat-out!! / #18 SANDELL 

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